Opening Day is Headed Our Way

Opening Day is Headed Our Way

I’m not much of a hunter, but from growing up in a family that hunts, eating venison burgers and being watched by deer heads on my living room walls has become a norm. Throughout the years I’ve learned a thing or two about deer hunting, including the infamous holiday of opening day for firearms deer hunting season, falling on Nov. 19 this year.

As gun hunting season draws near, many people, including students at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, are awaiting the excitement of being back in the woods and catching that elusive buck.

Erik Hendrickson, a UWSP sophomore who deer hunts, spoke about why he loves hunting.

“I love being able to see and experience nature and how all of the animals, not just the ones I’m hunting, interact with nature in the ecological system that I’m learning about in my lectures. I like seeing how I relate to it and how I impact it,” Hendrickson said. hunt1-color-couresty-of-matt-hyde

“I normally go gun hunting, but I’ve been bow hunting before up in Antigo, which is my hometown, and I’ve also been hunting in the Upper Peninsula. I haven’t been able to hunt around here yet, but I was hoping to sometime,” Hendrickson said.

Deer hunting has become a tradition in many families, where many generations of men head up to their cabins and spend their days in the deer stands and their nights drinking beer, playing cards and eating chips.

Eric Osterdyk, a UWSP sophomore, looks forward to spending time with his family back home in Minnesota for deer hunting season this year.

“All of my uncles on my mom’s side of the family go hunting up north to Orr, MN. It became a tradition because my grandpa used to go up there with all his friends, but now that he isn’t able to go anymore, we still go and hold the tradition,” Osterdyk said.

“I love hunting because I get to spend time with my family, but also because I get to be in the outdoors. Being a wildlife major, I like being outside, it’s relaxing. I’m hoping to get a big buck this year,” Osterdyk said.

“My family has a cabin in St.Charles, MN, that we always stay at in the fall for deer hunting season,” said Matt Hyde, a UWSP sophomore also from Minnesota who is getting ready for deer hunting in the upcoming weeks.

“My grandpa was a big hunter, so through him hunting has become a big family tradition. I’m just excited to be in the outdoors again,” Hyde said.

To all of the hunters heading into the woods in the next few weeks, good luck and good hunting.

As for the rest of us non-hunters, don’t be surprised as you find yourself driving behind a split open deer attached to the back of a truck on the highway somewhere.


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