Thoroughly Modern Millie: A Review

Goodness! If you’re looking for a sing-songy tap-dancing good time, Millie is the one for you. Thoroughly Modern Millie is a musical about a young woman’s quest for monetary love in the Big Apple, but what she finds is not what she’s looking for.

The leading lady Millie Dillamount, played by Allegra Berglund, has everything a leading lady should have: exceptional singing, superb dancing, and a dash of comedic timing.

The chemistry goes beyond just the leading man and lady, the whole cast had a great ensemble unity. This was demonstrated through their ensemble song and dance numbers.

The musical itself opened with a song and dance number, which showcased the set and the era of the production. The set highlighted New York City’s skyline and the exuberance of the flapper era. The staging of the jazz ensemble in the musical made its way onstage and became part of the show rather than just background music. Spotlights at specific moments in the production really added to comedic moments of the play.

A standout performance for me was in Erica Figurin’s portrayal of Muzzy Van Hossmere. She was very well-casted, which was highlighted in her songs (her voice drawing the audience in)”Only in New York” and “Long as I’m Here With You.”

Tim Howard’s directing brought together all the elements of dancing, singing and comedy into a very enjoyable evening of theatre.

I recommend that everyone attend Howard’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie as it was a refreshing, humorous and approachable play for those less inclined to go to the theatre.


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