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Are your skinny jeans getting a little tight around the waist? Are your man-boobs starting to become more visible in your H&M v-neck t-shirt? Let’s face it: gyms are intimidating for the average hipster and if you’re anything like me, you can’t find the right workout DVD that has music that fits your alternative lifestyle. What if I told you that was all about to change? What if I told you there was a workout DVD for hipsters? Would you give it another try? Well pull off the skinny jeans and pull on your favorite thrift-store sweatpants, there’s a workout DVD for us now and it’s called, “On The Road: A Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit,” lead by hipster fitness guru, Jeff Rodgers.

According to the DVD’s trailer, Rodgers explains the title, “I called the DVD ‘On The Road’ because I really think it’s important for everyone, wherever you are to find time and exercise … you can be in a hotel room, you could be on the beach, you could be in a different county and still find time to exercise.” So how is this a workout DVD for hipsters?

Well, let’s just say this workout DVD doesn’t feature a bunch of out-of-shape moms and dads sweating their guts off in the background; instead it’s the band Bon Iver sweating their beer bellies off. No joke, just go to the website (, watch the trailer, it’s Justin Vernon, Sean Carey, and the rest of the band doing squats and crunches. Not something you typically expect from a workout DVD.

How the hell did this happen? According to another trailer on the Rog City website, Rodgers was at the Eau Claire YMCA when he noticed a man playing basketball and noticed that “something wasn’t quite right.” They talked for a while when Vernon informed him of his sciatica (pain) in his lower back–Rodgers decided to take Vernon under his fitness wing by showing him several workouts.

“He just started showing me workouts that I could do, and when I started doing them there was a lack of hating it … The word workout sort of sucks, it doesn’t make you feel good … When I started working out with Jeff, I felt so good and started wanting to do it more,” Vernon said.

Rodgers stresses throughout the video that it’s not about getting ripped, working out, or looking strong. The video is about learning your body, feeling strong, and dedicating exercise to your life.

The exercises have circuits of body weights, weighted circuit (just dumbbells), and finally an abdominal circuit to finish out the DVD.

The DVD doesn’t feature stereotypical bland techno beats either. According to Rodgers, “It’s basically workout mix tape with a lot of really cool bands.”

The DVD features the music of Eau Claire’s Bon Iver, S. Carey Meridene, Laarks, and The Daredevil Christopher Wright. That’s not all–it also spotlights Minneapolis’ Gayngs, We Are The Willows, and Halloween, Alaska. The Rosebuds and Megafaun also make an appearance.

“To put it simply, without Jeff I could not have reconnected my body to my mind. Some things in life are meant to be explored and discovered, but in the case of my body, I needed a teacher, a mentor. That’s what Jeff does. He helps you understand your body. With his training, knowledge, care and attitude, he actually helps you look, but more importantly feel better. I now have a personal relationship with fitness and I have a deep personal need to keep it up and grow and sustain. THAT’S ROGCITY Y’ALL!” testifies Vernon.
“On The Road” wi

ll be released Feb. 7 and you can order it on


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