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How many times have you searched the web in between classes and ended up on Facebook? On a typical day, there are not many things interesting in that number. However, the new “UWSP Memes” page has given even the most average day a slight jump-start of giggles.

For those who don’t know, memes are pictures from a meme webpage ( that combine with a caption you create yourself to entertain others. The “UWSP Memes” page allows students to share inside jokes that a typical UWSP student would know, such as, “Oh, you call them RAs, that must feel so … normal.”

This page has gotten popular fast, gaining almost 2,000 likes in less than a month.

“They’re so addicting. I can’t help but check on the new memes posted every day,” said Ali Lindner, a natural resources major.

The same goes with Zach Strohl, a computer information systems/web and digital media development major, who found the meme page on the day it was created, when all of his friends “liked” the page.  After seeing the meme with Leonardo DiCaprio and the caption “Oh, you wanted to drive through the crosswalk? My bad,” he quickly got to action on his own meme. Strohl’s “Oh, you’re walking through Schmeeckle? Don’t forget your pipe” Willy Wonka meme is currently at three shares and 185 likes.

“I simply thought about the most well-known joke relating to UWSP and the activities that take place in the surrounding area. The first thing that came to my mind was Schmeeckle and the things people do there,” Strohl said.

While it’s fun to post memes, you might want to check out before doing so, or you could end up having a meme posted about you. “The misuse of memes is too damn high” and “I don’t always post about a radio station but when I do, I post three memes that are exactly the same” are just examples of some memes posted about poorly made memes. The creators of the page, themselves, even admitted, “Yes, we will delete memes we find stupid.”

Another perk of is their trend alert for new memes. Therefore, if you are looking for new memes to post on the UWSP meme page, this is the page to go to.

So for those that have not liked this page yet, you have to check it out. I can guarantee you’ll share at least one.

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