Energy Café and Blue Dolphin Computer Co. Moves to Point

Steve Tibbetts opened the Energy Café and Blue Dolphin Computer Co. downtown last month on the corner of Main St. and Strongs Ave., next to Habibi’s Gyro and Kabob House. He moved from his former location, CIA Computers and Cyber Café, in Park Ridge.

The reason for the name change, Tibbetts said, stems from the local perceptions about dolphins. “People … love dolphins. I mean, people have stopped eating tuna fish to save them,” Tibbetts said.

Tibbetts knows the Stevens Point area well, and says his brother works as the general manager of Erbert & Gerbert’s sandwich shop on the square. When asked if he was concerned about competing with other local cyber cafés and bakeries, Tibbetts said, “They should be concerned about me,” going on to say that his clientele from Park Ridge would follow him to his new location.

Two of the most interesting draws to the café have to do with its technology. Tibbetts said that he has the first and only business downtown with a digital menu board. Also, all of the computers available for public use are custom built.

Tibbetts offers a 25 percent discount on all computer repairs for students and faculty of UWSP and the Stevens Point Area High school. He is also very optimistic about the success of his new location.

“I’ve got so much room for expansion here,” Tibbetts said.
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