So Little Snow, So Much to Do

The subtle signs of spring are upon us: longboards rolling down the street, birds returning from vacation and more sun. The Stevens Point area provides several events that allow just about anybody to get out of their stuffy house and into some fresh, warm air.

Events favoring the outdoors have already started including the Point Bock Run, a five-mile run that began at the Point Brewery. The run meandered along and across the Wisconsin River and raised over $5,000 towards the Casey R. Davis Benefit Fund.
The Green Circle Trail, a staple in the community, will begin to shed its snowy winter coat and allow the community to enjoy the scenic sights and sounds that spring brings. The 30-mile trail runs through Schmeeckle Reserve, which hosts a slew of events throughout the warm seasons.
“We really take a lot of pride in our park system,” said Sara Brish of the Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitor Center. “There is a lot of passion in this community about keeping our natural area.”
More recently, Schmeeckle Reserve took people on a historical journey to teach about maple syrup and the role it plays on American Indian families from the past and central Wisconsin families now. But in case you missed the Bock Run or the maple syrup journey, there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of what’s to come.
For the people who are staying in the area during spring break, Schmeeckle is hosting several educational adventures. On March 16, learn about wetlands and how they are not just useless land. Or on March 17, after you dust off your grill, learn how to impress your friends with new barbeque ideas in a demo presented by Tyler Teuscher.
But Schmeeckle isn’t the only natural area hosting all the festivities. Towards the end of the month, the Tomorrow River State Trail is hosting concerts for the music junkies. On March 24 at the Jensen Community Center, listen to LJ Booth provide music appreciated by all ages.
Sara Brish brought out some community culinary secrets to either start your spring festivities or cap off the warm day.
“Have you been to cozy downtown?  Have you had pizza fries at Arbuckle’s? Have you had fish at Final Score?” Brish asked. “Those are kind of the local hotspots.”
One of the main attractions, the Portage County Culture Fest, takes place just before finals week, so it gives students a great opportunity to get a break from studying. The Culture Fest uses the Stevens Point Area Senior High and sheds light on Portage County’s cultural diversity.
Brish finished by talking about how last semester’s interns left in disbelief because they were unaware of all the things the area had to offer them. More information or other events in the area can be found at the SPAVCB website

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