Artists Come Together

Contributing artists from all over the Midwest are coming together for a prestigious event that will be celebrating 40 years of quality artwork.
The Stevens Point Festival of the Arts will be held in the Noel Fine Arts Festival on Sunday, April 1, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Because this festival is so early in the season, artists are eager to be a part of it.
“Like many artists, we hear about shows and art festivals through the grapevine. The time of year, place in your show schedule, and possibility of making money determine a show’s importance,” said Bill Kaufmann, a porcelain maker from Hudson, WI. “Every show is like a job application that has direct ramifications to our income.”
This festival brings artists in areas from woodworking and jewelry to glass and painting. Each artist comes from a different background and therefore not only uses different mediums of art, but different themes as well.
“My theme is to tell stories through images that evoke the feel of paintings and watercolors,” said David E. Mullikin, whose photography will be displayed at booth number 2. “I have had many interesting conversations with people viewing my work and often their stories about how an image appeals to them is fascinating and creates a connection between us.”
Art is the kind of word that can have many definitions. It is more of an opinion-filled word. Each of these artists has a different meaning for themselves as to what art is.
“Art allows us to express a hidden spirit that can only be seen in what we create. It comes from deep inside us and gives others an insight that is special to that person,” said Lou Williams, who has submitted woodwork art for the show.
“Art can portray many facets, from the absurd to the glorious. We are interested in objects that have a presence beyond their function. Perhaps it is the way beauty touches our lives and motivates or compels us to look again, to break us out of the rut of the everyday,” Kaufmann said. “We all depend on art for inspiration, entertainment, and for many of us self-expression. Art is fundamental to action, whether it is mechanical, political, or in the studio.”
These meanings make the artists who they are today. By making their living by selling their art they share a common ground but are different in many ways. The diversity in artists is what makes this festival one of the best in the show season.
“Among artists, this is a very well-known venue. It is talked about as one of the best and the first really big, important show of the year. My daughter, who has done this show for years, has always said I should get into it. I’ve tried for three years and was finally selected; I’m thrilled,” Williams said.
This event will include free admission and free children’s activities. There will also be a silent auction of the artists’ works that help support student scholarships that are awarded to UWSP students.


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