Now Now – “Threads”: A Review
​Now Now - "Threads" Trans- Records, 2012

Now Now – “Threads”: A Review

I’ve said a hundred times and I will keep on saying it, the Midwest is the best place for modern music. A music scene can really define a community and there is no better music scene right now then the one in Minneapolis. To provide evidence to my statement I present to you a band called Now, Now.

Minneapolis based band Now, Now is a three-member band consisting of vocal guitarist and keyboard player Cacie Dalanger, guitarist Jess Abbott, and drummer Bradley Hale. The band originated in 2003 while Dalanger and Hale were in high school marching band together. The band had moderate underground success in the United States though had a much larger presence in Europe due to a popular tour with the band Paramore. Since then the band has been in and out of record labels until recently, catching the attention of Death Cab For Cutie guitarist and music producer Chris Walla who signed them to his personal record label Trans Records. The result is a prepossessing album called “Threads.”

We embark on the track “Prehistoric” where your eardrums will be greeted by simple yet powerful beats and a repetitive raw guitar sound that will mentally take you to your place of solitude. Lyrically gloomy the song uses the lyric “Stuck like those prehistoric mammoths in the ice…thaw me out and I won’t close my eyes” which insert the listener the idea that it’s okay to ask for help, that you don’t have to be frozen in your current life situation.
Another track I would like to point out is the single “Dead Oaks;” its short, sweet and to the point. Truly a catchy tune that has a sound that echoes the band’s first EP entitled “Not One, But Two.”
An album isn’t complete without a song that will make a listener clap their hands and groove around and the band doesn’t disappoint with the track “Thread.” With a fast breakdown of the lead guitar and the beautifully flowing chorus it’s hard not to pop your hips while clapping.
Then there is my favorite track, “School Friends,” calm strumming of a guitar with a light melodic synth overtone throughout the track; it becomes an extremely relaxing mesmerizing tune with lyrics that evoke memories of sacrifices one must make to make the best of a roommate situation.
“Threads” is the perfect soundtrack to the spring season, there are songs for sunny days and there are songs perfect for the rainy ones too. Lyrically brilliant and instrumentally sound, everyone can find a track to love.
Now, Now will be on tour supporting the Naked and Famous this spring and have stops on April 13 at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee and April 14 at the Majestic Theatre in Madison.


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