Romney Cannot Stop Lying

After Tuesday’s primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, D.C., it seems certain that Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican Party nomination for president, and face President Barack Obama in November.
This assumption was never seriously challenged by any of the other candidates in the race, despite the media’s weekly obsession with the next person to surge in the polls.
With each victory speech Romney has given, I have found myself sitting there watching and saying to myself, “what is Romney going to lie about today,” and Tuesday night was no exception.
Romney opened up his speech insinuating that President Obama is responsible for the millions of people who lost their jobs in the first year of Obama’s term, as if to say he is solely responsible and he didn’t inherit an economic catastrophe. While the pure numbers seem to support Romney’s accusation, it is unfair to claim that President Obama is responsible for those job losses.
The fact remains that once the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly reffered to as “the stimulus,” was passed that the economy started to turn around. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the stimulus boosted the GDP by 4.2 percent in 2010, and during the last quarter of 2011 reduced the unemployment rate by as much as 1.1 percent.
If Mitt Romney had been sworn into office in 2009 the stimulus never would have happened, and if we can extrapolate his “let General Motors go bankrupt” argument to other sectors of the economy, we would had been staring at a 17 percent unemployment rate, according to Washington Post economic columnist Ezra Klein.
Following his lie that “under this president’s watch, more Americans have lost their jobs than during any other period since the Depression,” Romney quickly insinuated that President Obama is responsible for gas prices averaging near $4.00 a gallon, despite all the evidence in the world that shows he has no control over gas prices.
Of course this drew applause from the audience in attendance, and I am sure Romney knows he’s lying when he says this stuff, but he is so desperate to be elected that he doesn’t care.
A recent attack that both Romney and Rick Santorum have been leveling against the President is that he is an elitist from the faculty lounges of Harvard and the University of Chicago.
Rick Santorum called him a “snob” for wanting everyone to have the opportunity to go to college if they so choose.
While campaigning in Illinois before their primary last month, Romney said this of President Obama, “Barack Obama is an elitist, my goodness the man want to Harvard!”
This coming from a man who spent four years at Harvard earning a joint MBA and law degree, and was the son of George Romney, the former CEO of American Motors and governor of Michigan.
Romney actually joked during a campaign event in Wisconsin last week about how his father had closed an auto plant in Michigan and then ran for governor there. Because Romney loves jokes about firing people and being unemployed.
He jokes about being unemployed, despite the fact he earned $27 million in 2010. When asked how much he received for speaking fees, he implied it “was very much” despite the fact he received $375,000.
Romney wants the American public to believe he is more in touch with the hardships they face on a day-to-day basis and that President Obama has lost touch with reality.
I think it is Romney himself who has lost touch with reality. How else could one explain why his new house in San Diego is going to be sporting car elevators?


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