Another try for the Zerzan Perspective

In last week’s issue of the Pointer, there was a reply to my original piece about the presentation here at UWSP by John Zerzan and the end of civilization. In my original piece, I critiqued the presentation for being unorganized and the presenter for not being able to explain anything very well. The reply piece, written by Martinson, basically said that the “lecture was pretty dense” and someone like me, who does not understand sociological and/or anthropological concepts and terms, would naturally be frustrated. It follows from this frustration, according to Martinson, that I would write a “hostile” opinion piece. Martinson made other accusations as well, but I need not address them here. I think I have a better idea.

The topics discussed in Zerzan’s presentation are where I would like to keep my focus. I would like to discuss the ideas of primitivism, domestication, and the supporting of property destruction in the name of Green Anarchy. My position is simple: I do not understand their position. To better understand where they are coming from, I would like to invite Martinson to join me in a live discussion of the topics on the next 90fm Student Power Hour. In this environment, accusations can be dealt with as they surface. We will be able to question each other via the guidance of a moderator, and display our positions in real time. I will most certainly be educated in so doing, and that is why I am in college. Mr. Martinson, will you join me in this discussion?


Cory Rusch


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