A Grand Year for the College of Letters and Science

This year was a busy one for the students in the College of Letters and Science (CLS), highlighting the success of one of UW – Stevens Point’s larger divisions of study.
“As a faculty member in the Biology Department, I am proud to be part of such a dynamic, energetic, and intellectually lively college,” said Dr. Todd Huspeni, Chairman of Academic Affairs. “This year was a banner year in terms of student-faculty research experiences and scholarship, much of which was made possible through the funding by our college and the Undergraduate Education Initiative.
We had a wonderful exhibition of this scholarship at the Letters and Sciences Research Symposium last April.”
Among the many accomplishment of the CLS this year, among some of the greatest was the Undergraduate Research Symposium that showcased over 90 posters and 20 presentations by over 150 participants.
The Writer’s Workshop, with 150 Students from 20 high schools involved in competitive writing experiences, ultimately bettered participants’ skills and confidence about writing.
Also worth mentioning is the Community Lecture Series, which featured eight lectures for the community at the Public Library by UW – Stevens Point professors such as Professor of English Per Henningsgaard and Professor of Middle Eastern History Edgar Francis.
FLC in Critical Thinking held a Discussion Group of 13 faculty members and Dean Christopher Cirmo, and worked on an understanding of the role and effectiveness of teaching critical thinking in their classrooms.
In preparation for the possible new Healthcare majors opening up, the CLS held the Healthcare Initiative Kickoff. This was a major effort in healthcare promotion and cooperation between providers and educators as part of the new University Strategic Plan and the Thriving Communities Initiative.
Lastly, but most definitely not least, the Student Advisory Council was busy brainstorming improvement ideas for the Science Bulding. The SAC is a group of students representing the 13 COLS Departments, which met with Dean Cirmo on a monthly basis and finished up with a meeting involving the Architects of the new Science Building.


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