Another Year of Success in the CPS

The College of Professional Studies (CPS) has been preparing undergraduate and graduate students for successful professional careers since the early 1970s, so what makes this year so special?
This year students have been working harder than ever as they engage in many campus-wide activities. Students have been working toward a goal of making the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point a tobacco free campus, the School of Physical Education and Athletic Training (PEAT) was approved as the new name of the former School of Health, Exercise Science and Athletics (HESA), and the usage of social media has sky-rocketed.
This year CPS was home to about 2,350 undergraduates and 1,200 graduate and continuing education students seeking majors as diverse as business and economics, education, interior architecture, dietetics, health sciences, health promotion, athletic training, or clinical lab sciences. It’s fair to say CPS has remained a busy building on campus this year as students continue to flock in preparation for a profession.
Pre-professional programs typically require a lot of supervised and graded practicum experiences and labs. For instance, the athletic training students have been working hands on and taping the ankles of athletes, while education students have been serving as tutors. All of this hands on experience aids students in the actual “doing” of the job rather than simply talking about it in lectures.
After the practicum and lab work, but before taking the rigorous national tests to become certified professionals , the pre-professional students must gain an extra semester of experience actually working on the job serving as student teachers or working in internships, externships, or clinical experiences.
CPS continues its deep interest in promoting diversity, global understanding, sustainability with local farmers, personal and community wellness, and mutually beneficial partnerships as the students are continuously working to make the school environment and the surrounding community a more rounded place. This year the students were able to work with elementary, middle, and high school students in the area along with members in the community to share knowledge in wellness and diversity.
After receiving the awards, going to the presentations, and attending the celebrations to commemorate yet another year of accomplishments, here’s to a long year of brain wrenching studies and to what seems like an even longer week of finals. Have a great summer; you all deserve it.


Emma St. Aubin


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