My Last Will and Testament

With my epic eight-year journey, albeit with two interruptions due to the Iraq War, to achieve a bachelor’s degree coming to a close, I thought it best to reflect on some of my experiences in college and to pass along some of this knowledge to those young minds still in pursuit of higher education.
•This is going to sound cliché, and even saying this is cliché is cliché, but get involved in organizations on campus. My first two years or so at UWSP, after transferring from UWGB, I pretty much went to class and back to my apartment before meeting up for drinks downtown. Sure I met new friends and had a great time; it wasn’t until I got involved in student organizations that I formed true friendships not based on mutual love for inebriation.
•Enjoy the journey that is the university experience. Take off the blinders that say you must graduate as fast as possible and know exactly what you want to major in upon entering college at 18. It’s ok to change your mind, even multiple times, while going through college. If I were asked what I saw myself doing after graduation two years ago, my answer would be completely different from what I am actually going to be doing Monday morning after graduation, and that answer changed at least a dozen times in between.
•That being said, enjoy life while in school. There will be plenty of time for actually being an adult once you graduate, but until then, enjoy the adventure. Chances are you will probably be pining for the glory days of college in a couple years.
•Become friends with at least one of your professors. Not only will they be a great source of knowledge and networking opportunities, but chances are they are pretty awesome people who share your interests.
•Read The Pointer. Not only will you be more informed of the campus life, but also you’ll read about some interesting classmates doing exceptional things. Maybe they will even feature you.


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