90FM Album Reviews-Catching Up on Summer’s Music

90FM Album Reviews-Catching Up on Summer’s Music

There is something to be said about autumn, she starts out hot and ends bitter and cold. The college semester begins the same way, all of the students are hot with excitement and by the end of the semester we are bitter, cold, and sick of having our noses in textbooks. Fashion fol­lows suit (see what I did there?) and music isn’t too far behind. This past summer 90FM was virtually mythical with music, with so many emerg­ing and esteemed alternative musi­cians producing albums worth noting and absolutely no literary outlet to express our appreciation for them, I feel it is now time for me to catch you up on what you may have missed this past summer, before you as a reader become bitter and cold.

We embark with “Reign of Terror” the sophomore album from the M.I.A benefactress band, Sleigh Bells. The album glorifies the art of shred guitar, it is loud, it is choppy, and it is in your face. I personally rec­ommend the tracks “Comeback Kid,” “Road To Hell,” and even though we can’t play this one on 90FM due to its excessive use of the mother of all curse words, “True Shred Guitar.” One listen to this album and you will understand why I describe it with one simple word, “Bitchin.”

In addition, I feel it is my duty to highlight the album “Here,” the sec­ond album from everyone’s favorite hippie-hipster band, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Though I enjoyed their debut album, “Up From Below,” I had absolutely no hope that they could possibly reproduce an album of that quality, to me the band is too gimmicky, almost cult like. Needless to say, I was wrong, I was incredibly wrong.

“Here,” is a perfect follow up. Though the band won’t probably ever have another legend­ary single like they did with “Home,” with tracks like “Man On Fire,” “That’s What’s Up,” and “Mayla,” their new album in my opinion is preferable over the debut.

I’ve saved the best for last and it’s a rather new artist to the college radio scene. The album is called “Fear Fun” from the musician dubbed Father John Misty. Legally named Joshua Tillman who found his noble beginnings as the drummer for the Seattle based folk rock band, Fleet Foxes, he ultimately detached himself creating the mysterious Father John Misty. In my 22 years of life I have never heard an album so good and so original. The album has energy of groovy folk rock and this is easily expressed in tracks like “I’m Writing A Novel,” “Nancy From Now On,” and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.” I can easily say it is my favor­ite album of 2012, hell I can easily say it’s my favorite album produced in the last 10 years.

Though summer is cooling down and coming to an end, this summer’s releases are still hot in my eardrums. In short, I welcome new freshman to college with hopes of opening their ears to the world of alternative music, let us embrace the summer and look forward to the hot tracks over the cold horizon.​

Mitchel De Santis

90FM Program Director

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