90 FM Album Review -David Byrne and St. Vincent-Love This Giant

​David Byrne & St. Vincent "Love This Giant" 4AD/Todo Mundo

​David Byrne & St. Vincent
“Love This Giant”
4AD/Todo Mundo

This week Talking Heads and alternative music swami David Byrne and Annie Clark a.k.a St. Vincent released their collaboration album entitled Love This Giant. From a third person point of view Byrne is a wacky, jaunty, and jittery character that seemed to be a product of a bump or two of cocaine. Lyrically intellectual and puzzling it seems with out fault that he should collaborate with Clark who herself looks as though she views the world with an aboriginal quirk.

Musically inventive, Byrne seems to endure the sound that has employed him well in the last few decades, horns that form sounds of anxious teeters and shakes fused with the fragmented emissions of electronics and guitar outbreaks of St. Vincent the two familiar sounds synthesize into something truly state-of-the-art.
The lovely duet of Byrne and Clark unquestionably makes sense, thus the sound isn’t too surprising, and not that it is a negative thing. Anyone who knows the musicians have a good idea on how this album will sound before even listening to it and anyone who knows the musicians know that they are alternative pioneers. Tracks like the album’s first single “Who,” begins with a valiant horn section that sets the tone for the entire album. Byrne then welcomes you with his voice that will carry you through the verses, much like a Gandalf to an alternative musical fellowship. St. Vincent then makes her cameo in the chorus with a voice so serene and smooth that you can help but be enchanted with the song.
An additional track I would like to investigate with you is “I Should Watch TV.” Electronically storming in the intro we get entranced and then bewitched by the vocals of Byrne. To top it off the sudden eruptions from horns made I as a listener began to feel as though I was part of a futuristic science fiction like world.
Across the board, the music from Love This Giant wasn’t unpredictable or shocking. The music was exactly what we as fans of the Talking Heads and St. Vincent would want to be, authentic, fascinating, and entertaining. I couldn’t be more excited to have it added in 90FM’s Heavy Rotation.
Mitchel DeSantis
90FM Program Director

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