Grizzly Bear – “Shields”

​"Shields" Grizzly Bear 2012 Warp Records

Grizzly Bear
2012 Warp Records

90ALBUMREVIEWI’m going to kick this review off boldly, Shields has potential to launch Grizzly Bear to the next level. What level is that you ask? Why it’s the same level the Arcade Fire and Bon Iver achieved, this album has potential Grammy nod written all over it. I apologize to hipsters every­where that read that last sentence and cringed with fury. Sorry little skinny jean wearing, boat shoes supporting, Woody Allen impersonating kids. Get over it! It’s just how life works.I’m not entirely sure if this term for a music genre has been coined yet so here it goes, “Stoner Pop.” Do I even need to go into any more detail? What’s that? I do? Well if you insist… If the Smiths and Phish had a love child, it would be Grizzly Bear and their album Shields, it’s structured yet mind expanding.

“Sleeping Ute,” the first single from the album, launches the album with guitars a blazing. A unique intro not typical for the band quickly slips into something a little more familiar, that being a poppy psychedelic swirl storm of beautiful melody. The track is divine and won’t dismay the ears.

Another highlight to Shields is the 90FM favorite, “Yet Again,” which has the ability to make the lis­tener loosen up, zone out, and dance. The instrumentals are fabulous but what hooked me in was the sway of the vocals, they really cranked this tune. The high point of the record in my opinion is the song entitled “A Simple Answer.” Vocally soulful and lyrically insightful it complements the piano and drum driven instru­mentals extremely well.

Upon completion of this album it becomes known that the once bril­liant yet hibernating Grizzly Bear has now emerged from it’s slumber with an album that is utterly fantastic and genius, I’m sure it will become a staple in the 90FM stacks. was exactly what we as fans of the Talking Heads and St. Vincent would want to be, authentic, fascinating, and entertain­ing. I couldn’t be more excited to have it added in 90FM’s Heavy Rotation.

Mitchel De Santis
Album Reviewer

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