To be or Not to be…Greek

Are you interested in getting involved and making lifelong friendships along the way? Then joining a sorority at UWSP might be for you!

Joining a sorority can be beneficial in many ways, helping you grow personally and academically through friendship and commitment. Sharing the deep bonds of sisterhood teach you the values of loyalty and true friendship by being involved in something bigger than yourself.

You might ask yourself, “Do I really need to “pay” to make friends?” Or “Will this get in the way of my school work or my job?”

Monica Lenius, a Junior majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Media Studies, has never regretted her decision to join a sorority.

“Some of my best memories in college are from the sorority and even though some people around Stevens Point don’t take us seriously, we do make a difference,” said Lenius.

Megan Cahill, a Super Senior majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Religious Studies, seconds that thought. “I love every bit of the sorority. It keeps me sane and teaches me a lot about my limits as a leader and has helped me grow as a woman in current society,” said Cahill.

Sororities offer philanthropic, leadership, and personal development experience that can help you in the real world.

“The list is never-ending why I joined. I loved that one of Delta Phi Epsilon’s philanthropies is anorexia nervosa and associated disorders which is the prevention of eating disorders and treatment. We are the opposite of stereotypes,” said Lenius.

Going to college and getting good grades is great, but it’s not just your major or your GPA that’s going to get you an interview. It’s the extra things on your resume. Many people can get straight A’s, but can they do it while holding a leadership position?

“Being in a sorority has taught me how to be a leader. My biggest challenge throughout college has been learning how to take care of the things I need to take care of while monitoring that other things get done and that’s what the sorority has helped me to do,” said Lenius.

Greek life gives women the chance to improve and develop their leadership skills through support and trust. Sisters receive academic support from each other and create social networking skills that can open doors and give them countless opportunities.

“In a sorority you learn to trust and rely on people. It’s so different from other organizations I’ve been involved in because you are held accountable for your position and job,” Lenius said.

Getting involved by participating in community service and raising money can make you feel good about yourself, not to mention, it’s FUN! Sororities put together many events including sleepovers, parties, mixers and more! You get to meet an assortment of new people and create lifelong friendships, as well as develop social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good.

“My favorite part is meeting people I probably would have never met in my career on campus.

It’s beneficial because it gives you a large social network you can count on whenever anything goes wrong and it is a large group so you always have someone that has your back no matter what,” said Lenius.

Many of the sororities on campus are now recruiting new members, and they want to see you there! Check out the university’s campus life section for information on recruitment as well as different sororities that the campus has to offer.

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