Behind Enemy Lines

354It could be your roommate, one of your teachers, a lab partner, or maybe even your significant other. You may not notice, but all around you are fans of football teams other than the Packers.Spread all throughout Packer territory there are fans of the Vikings, Bears, Lions and every other shoulderpad-clad team in the NFL.

I myself have lived in Wisconsin my entire life, but when it comes to football, my team is the Minnesota Vikings.

One of the first questions that come up for any non-Wisconsin teamer is why? It’s a challenging question for any fan, but it’s something that many of us are used to.

I personally grew up as a Randy Moss fan and have stayed with the Vikings to this day.
Obviously he wasn’t the best role model, but he’s how I got my start with the Vikings.

There are a plethora of other reasons for putting your allegiance in other non-Wisconsin teams. Junior Mike Mulhaney, a devout Bears fan, explained that his allegiance stemmed from those of his family.

“While my two older brothers were growing up and first starting to gain interest in football, the Bears won the Super Bowl in ’85, and I think that’s when they became Bears fans,” Mulhaney said. “Having them as older brothers and looking up to them, I eventually became a Bears fan as well.”

It’s a tough life decision for some to make, and being a Vikings or Bears fan definitely has its consequences during the season.

Being a Bears fan has some very tough challenges, but it is enhanced by the unfortunate creation of the song “The Bears Still Suck.”

“Some of the challenges that come from being a Bears fan are being harassed by my friends every Sunday, not being invited to family or friends’ Packer parties and being stereotyped by what team I cheer for,” Mulhaney said.

Being a Bears or Vikings fan can also be a lonely decision. Most of the time you will have to watch your team play by yourself unless they are playing the Packers, which will just bring on more harassment.

But it’s not all negative for non- Wisconsin teamers; we still have some perks for our strange sports decision.

“It’s funny when the Packers lose to see how depressed everyone else is,” Mulhaney said. “It’s quite uplifting.”

In recent years, due to the Packers’ success, many fans of other teams are jumping on the bandwagon, but Mulhaney thinks that this is just wrong.

“I have never thought about cheering for the Packers,” Mulhaney said. “My oldest brother was once a huge Bears fan and switched over early in the Packers’ Super Bowl-winning season. I have not talked to him since.”

I may not be easy, but many fans every year live amongst the Packer faithful cheering in hushed tones for the Lions, Vikings and Bears. Just remember we’re out there, and we’re waiting for our turn at glory.

Will Rossmiller
Sports Reporter

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