Dan Deacon – America


​Dan Deacon - "America" 2012 Domino

​Dan Deacon – “America” 2012 Domino

Simply amazing, Dan Deacon’s fresh new album “America” could be played for any occasion, situation, or atmosphere. It brings a smile to your face and a tear to your eye in the same song. The kind of music that makes you get off your rear and dance the night away. If you are sick of the same old tired homework jams, Dan brings something unique to the table-motivation.

Dan Deacon’s new album America is a layering of dichotomies: light and dark, natural and synthetic, celebration and contemplation. The outcome can be heard as simple or complex, depending on how the listener perceives what they are hearing. The music is rooted in triadic harmony set to a fixed pulsing beat while the individual lines are complex phasing layers of sound. The outcome is a dense, asymmetric, rhythmic phrase of textured patterns framed quite successfully as pop songs.

His inspiration for writing this album came from his personal thoughts on America. He simply had no real idea how to produce an album on his own country until he went on tour in Europe, where he was slammed into a solid wall of reality.

The perception of the United States as the worldwide power for good, contrasted with an evil, Earth- destroying monster of war and corporate greed was now a lot clearer to him, he was now an American.

Although he knew this before, an American in America tends to not identify themselves as one. The new album also reflects the love of cross-country travel he has, seeing the landscapes of the United States and going from east to west and back again over the course of several seasons. The lyrics are inspired by his frustration, fear, and anger towards the country and world we all are and a part of.


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