Bow Hunting Season

As the leaves begin to change color, we are reminded that the fall season has arrived, and so has bow hunting.

Gunnar Bartz, a senior majoring in Business Administration, enjoys bow hunting more than any other form of hunting.

“I used to gun hunt, but now I mainly stick to bow hunting. In my opinion, it’s one of the harder styles of hunting and can be the most rewarding when your hard work pays off,” Bartz said.

Bartz has been hunting since he was eleven and loves being outside to get away from everyday life and just enjoy the hunt.
“I just like being out at the cabin with friends and family and doing something we all enjoy,” Bartz said.

Josh Tomlin, a senior majoring in Forestry Management, has also been hunting since around that same age.

“I first started hunting when I was twelve, but I’ve been going along on hunting trips since I was 6,” Tomlin said.

Tomlin also enjoys many other types of hunting. He rifle-hunts for squirrels, coyote and deer, and shotgun-hunts for ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys, grouse and pheasants.

“I probably like hunting for deer the most. They’re the smartest animal that I have come across so far, so it makes the hunt a lot more challenging,” Tomlin said.

Tomlin first began hunting because of his grandpa and father.

“They began taking me deer hunting at a young age, and I fell in love with it,” Tomlin said.

When Tomlin was around fifteen, he began to expand his hunting to other game besides deer.

Once when he was bow hunting at his cabin in Cable, Wisconsin, he came across a very large hole dug underneath an uprooted tree. Not knowing what it was, he decided to show his cousin.

“I was standing on the large mound of fresh dirt in front of it when I heard a rustling sound coming from the hole beneath me. I looked down just as a black bear poked his head and one of his front paws out of the hole no more than two feet from me. I instantly panicked and took off running,” Tomlin said.

Bartz has also had encounters with bears.

“I was hunting snowshoe rabbits with my dad when our dog came across two black bear cubs sleeping in a den. We got a couple pictures and got out of there before the sow returned,” Bartz said.

So far this year, Tomlin has shot one doe, two ducks, and four squirrels. Bartz hasn’t gotten anything yet, but the season is still young.

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