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gallowThe world is obnoxiously serious. But it doesn’t have to be. This column is testament to that. In a life full of nuisance, pain, and strife there can be found a rich abundance of hilarity and laughter. Sports may seem a trivial and complex choreographed performance, but it’s really just a game. And what are games? Fun. Just like this column.

There are some things that transcend sport. Disease is one of them. As someone with a history of chronic illness on both sides of my family, I have seen first-hand how things like Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and cancer can tear people apart. I’ve also seen how they can bring people closer together.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point women’s soccer team is hosting a fundraiser to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society at their home game Saturday. Senior Angela Gallow weighs in.

How important is it to you and the team to give back like you are with the MS fundraiser?
“It is very important to our team to play for a cause. MS is close to many of us and it gives the game more meaning.”

How big of a role do you think sports play in bringing people together regarding a disease like MS?
“I think it plays a tremendous role in bringing people together regarding any disease. It helps remind us that we are very lucky in the healthy life we have and we get to learn more about this disease. We find it very important to give anything back that we can to those who suffer from a disease like this and remind us to always be thankful for getting the opportunity to play the sport we love.”

Your favorite flavor of ice cream?
“Vanilla ice cream with raspberry toppings or anything with raspberries in it.”

Would you rather go to the World Cup, or eat at Culver’s for free for the rest of your life?
“Hands down…World Cup.”

Who will be a better mom; Beyonce or Snooki?
“Beyonce, I can only picture Snooki at the Jersey shore not holding a baby.”

Pre-game meal…
“Depends on the game, if it is an away game a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast and probably an apple an hour or two before the game. A home game would consist of a plain bagel with cream cheese…I really cannot eat a lot before the game my nerves get the best of me.”

Post-game meal…
“All depends on where we either stop after the game as a team or where my parents want to take me after a home game, but a Coca-Cola is definitely the beverage after any game.”

Would you rather win the Badger snowmobile or the Packer snowmobile?
“Packer snowmobile, I am a big fan of Aaron Rodgers.”

If you could photobomb one famous picture, what would it be?
“Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.”

What celebrity would you like to see wrestle a bear?
“Probably Clay Matthews…I am sure he could take on a bear.”

If you could play a match in any country which would you pick?
“Probably England, I would love to play there with that atmosphere of soccer all around you.”

If you could play pinball in any country which would you pick?
“Australia I would love to visit there.”

Me: “Goal.”
Gallow: “Success.”
Me: “Red card.”
Gallow: “Foul.”
Me: “Slide tackle.”
Gallow: “Dirty.”
Me: “The Lion King.”
Gallow: “Simba.”

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