90FM Album Review: River City Extension – “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger”

90ALBUMREVIEWRiverCity-ExtensionRiver City Extension’s second release Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger is an album constructed with lots of passion and thought. The main purpose of this album was to convey a message of forgiveness: forgive others, forgive yourself, and move on. Deal with the problems of the day and don’t let them carry into tomorrow. That is to say, don’t let the sun go down on them. From the words of the artists themselves, half of the album’s tracks are love songs, and the other half are apologies.

The album shows lots of similarity to their 2010 debut release, The Unmistakable Man, but delivers with a bit more of a punch. The diversity of the instruments is a strong standout feature of the album, featuring instruments ranging from piano and banjo to mandolin and melophone. Even with all of the variation they bring to the sound, the flow manages to feel very organic and continuous. Every song brings its own unique twist to the table. With a total of eight people in the band one can only imagine the diversity of the ideas that are brought to the writing table, and that shows in the sound. The album strongly succeeds in playing out much like a story, with each track bringing a twist of emotional strength that help make the album much easier to relate to, and more centrally, a strong sense of imagery. The music carries with it an incredibly pure and powerful tone, helping bring a more earnest feel to the album. If you imagine a huge old tree during the spring when the fresh flowering buds blossom out of the old branches, then you have a pretty good idea of what River City Extension sounds like.


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