Zombie Run for Alcohol Awareness

Students, faculty and volunteers braved the rain this last Sunday to participate in the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point 2012 Campus Zombie Apocalypse Run.

The event was planned in four weeks by Health Student Services Director Anna Haug, along with Student Life Contemporary Issues Chair Asia Osborn. The Student Health Advisory Committee, Residence Hall Association and Student Health Promotion Office also contributed to the event.

The purpose of the event was to educate students on safe drinking habits with the tagline: “Brains, not booze.”

Participants in the event registered as either a “zombie” or a “runner.” Zombies were tasked with pulling a runner’s flag, signifying that they were infected. Runners then had to find a “doctor” and correctly answer an alcohol-safety question in order to re-enter the race.

“With Homecoming and Halloween next week, it made us really want to do this,” Haug said. “We are really trying to talk about lowering your risk and making sure you’re safe. We’re not against drinking. We’re about making sure you do it responsibly.”

The 3.3-mile obstacle course weaved through Stevens Point. Over 60 students had their faces painted in the likeness of a zombie to chase 70 runners, all of whom were competing for raffle prizes such as gift cards, DVDs and a television set.

Haug stressed the importance of the 50 volunteers who took part in the event, with course watchers and make-up artists contributing their time and resources.

“I love doing stuff like this, and I love doing make-up,” said freshman Graphic Design major Kaelyn Ahola, who completed six students’ zombie makeovers. “There’s more blood every time you do it.”

Members of the UWSP drama department used latex and theater base along with fake blood, eye shadow and lipstick to give each zombie a unique and realistic look.

“I always wanted to be a zombie, but I didn’t want to die to do it,” said Zach Young, a senior Arts Management major.

David Strong, a sophomore Biochemistry major, agreed with Young.

“I thought it would be fun to eat people’s brains, even though I’m a vegetarian,” Strong said.

Alejandra Ortiz, a freshman Biology major, also found dressing up like a zombie enjoyable.

“It was interesting to have latex on my face to make it look like my skin was rough along with the corn syrup used to make it sticky. I think I look beautiful,” Ortiz said.

Haug said that planning for the next zombie run would begin in March of 2013. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Anna Haug through the Student Government Association at SGA@uwsp.edu.

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