This Month In Fashion: What Women Really Think About Facial Hair

We live in a world where fashion is a gateway to expression. Trends change and, in some aspects, are completely recycled.

In honor of “No Shave November,” I dressed this month’s column in what women really think about facial hair.

As I made my way around campus to speak to women, I found that most don’t seem to have an opinion.

Most women commented that it depends on how it looks on the male. If the male can’t pull it off, they rate facial hair low, but if the male is well-dressed with a scruffy beard, you might get a different story.

Also, I found that although most women say they don’t have a preference, they really do.

Groomed or Not Groomed: Scruffy Vs. Clean Beards

“It’s okay as long as it’s taken care of. I don’t like the wolf look,” said ShaQuese Jones, a junior at UWSP.

“Keep it clean. I like it clean,” said Megan Rogness, a sophomore pre-dentistry and biology major.

“If you’re eating and something falls into it, that’s gross,” said University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student Bethanee Dix.

“I think it depends on the man. One stage I don’t like is the scruffy-it-hurts stage, but on certain men it looks very nice,” said Laura Bell, an admissions counselor at UWSP. “A clean beard looks more presentable.”

“It makes them look more together and ready to do things, not like they just woke up,” said Peg Hanson, also in admissions at UWSP.

On a scale of 1 through 10

“On a scale of 1 through 10, when it comes to importance to fashion, I’d rate facial hair in general a 2,” said Mykalia Lo, a junior at UWSP.

“I’d say a 7 or 8. It gets in the way sometimes,” Dix said.

“On a scale of 1 through 10, it’s probably a 5,” Hanson said.

“For me, probably a 5,” said Shanice Dison, a freshmen political science major.

What Women Really Think About The Scruffy Beard? 

“Some guys can pull it off, but some not so much. It depends on the guy,” Lo said.

“It’s gross and very unattractive,” said Gaonou Lo, a sophomore at UWSP.

“They are okay as long as they are kept neat and tidy. I don’t like really wild beards,” Hanson said.

“I happen to be a big fan of beards and facial hair,” said Dana Christel, a senior soil and land management: water resources major.

“I don’t mind facial hair as long as the person manages it,” said Cherie Fu, a junior communications major.

“I don’t have that strong of an opinion about it, honestly,” said Elizabeth McElroy, a sophomore graphic design major.

“Some grow them down to their neck, which is really disturbing,” said Lien Nguyen, sophomore biochemistry major.

Tips Guys Can Take Away From This

Although most of these women claim neutrality regarding their opinions on facial hair, they still prefer a clean-shaven man.

If you haven’t mastered the scruffy beard yet, stay away from it.

Your facial hair is a compliment to your personality.

Although your overall appearance might matter when you’re trying to pick up a lady, it’s more about personality.


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