90FM Album Review: Two Gallants “The Bloom and the Blight”

90ALBUMREVIEWAlright all you rockers out there, have I got a album for you this week!  It comes from a two piece southern/blues rock band named Two Gallants and the name of the album is “The Bloom and the Blight.” TwoGallantsAlbum This is Two Gallants’ fourth full length album, and it has already been put on my list of favorite albums of the year.  As the first release in five years from the San Francisco native band, it seems they have put their time to good use.  Besides being awesome musicians and knowing how to rock out, these guys are putting their own mark on the southern rock scene by subtly including elements from prog-rock into the mix.  Think White Stripes or The Black Keys, but with complex rhythms, very technical and fluid guitar riffs, as well as a somewhat discordant sound coming from non-traditional chord progressions.  With some prog stuff it can sound like they are trying too hard, but that definitely isn’t the case with Two Gallants.  On top of rocking out they also wander into the acoustic realm for a good chunk of their music which brings out the folk style of their sound.  Overall their sound is refreshing and new, while still fitting into the genre set by bands such as The Black Keys.

Now for the album itself. My picks for top tracks have to be “Halcyon Days”, “Ride Away”, and “Winter’s Youth”. “Halcyon Days” is the first track of the album and it takes off right away into an in-your- face  sound. The passion in the lead singers voice will send shivers down your spine. “Ride Away” is my favorite track. Switching between a wall of sound and ethereal sounds this song will draw you in, then you will stay for the amazing drum and guitar solos. “Winter’s Youth” showcases a little more of their more folk side. You’ll hear a bit of Mumford and Sons initially with the acoustic guitar and raw, simple vocals, but then you will be blown off your feet when the electric guitar and drums come in for the chorus. These are just a few tracks off this overall impressive album, “The Bloom and the Gloom” by Two Gallants.

Mitch Sluzewski
Album Reviewer

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