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When it comes to campus discounts, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point faculty does not receive the same benefits as students.

Sarah Pogell, an associate professor of English, has a seat on Faculty Senate and says that this issue has been raised in various situations before.

“I would love to have the fitness center fee waived for faculty and students. This is a wellness school, and one of the best, least expensive and healthiest ways to de-stress is to work out,” Pogell said.

“I mainly worry about the students, since I know so many students who say they would work out if they didn’t have to pay at all. I believe that at least some of them would actually work out if the fitness centers were free,” Pogell said.

Nanc Slizewski, a professor of common diseases, agreed with Pogell.

“I’d love to get discounts, but I feel these should be for the students.  Although many professors are still paying off their college debts, we have stable jobs and a steady income.  Many of our students are struggling to make ends meet and need any breaks they can get,” Slizewski said.

Faculty members also do not receive discounts for sports and arts events.

“As for tickets to events, I rarely have time to go to anything on campus, since teaching four classes—two of which are writing lasses with heavy grading—doing my own scholarship and serving on committees takes up most of my time during the semester,” Pogell said.

At the same time, she still believes that if events could be free, or even discounted, it would make a big difference in the community.

“If an entire family could attend one or two UWSP events at a discount or for free each semester, the events being of their own choosing, then faculty could have more of a presence at UWSP at night or after-hours and feel as if they were supporting the school, not just academically, but in extracurricular activities as well,” Pogell said.

While the issue of faculty discounts is important and raises concerns around campus, there are also other issues at hand according to Pogell.

“More important to me than discounts is the need for salary raises, which faculty haven’t received in several years.  And, of course, the need to decompress salaries for faculty who’ve been here awhile,” Pogell said.

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