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​Host, Demitri Smith and co-host, Justine Luther posing after the show. Photo by Emmitt James

​Host, Demitri Smith and co-host, Justine Luther posing after the show.
Photo by Emmitt James

Demitri Smith, a freshman from Chicago, hit the ground running with his new show “Time Out” on 90fm.

Smith talked about how he came to campus with a plan. He knew what he wanted to do; he was just looking for an opportunity to make it all come alive.

“I went to the radio and pitched my idea. They got back to me and said they would love a show like that because it’s different and it’s in demand,” Smith said.

When Smith is off the set, it’s almost like he’s still on, but just turned down a couple notches. When he hits the studio, he immediately locks into character and hopes to captivate his audience’s attention.

Speaking of character, Smith goes by “Mitri Taylor” on the show. It’s the more dramatic version of him. This is one of the most rewarding parts of the show to him.

“I love it when people come up to me because they recognize my voice,” Smith said.

He and his co-host, Justine Luther, another freshman Communication major, attempt to get the students’ attention by talking about topics that they know will hit home for a lot of students.

“People should listen because it’s super-funny, and we talk about campus life so it relates to everyone,” Luther said.

Topics vary from finances, relationships, problems with roommates and more. However, coming up with these topics is not always the easiest.

“I remember in the beginning of the show it was really hard to keep conversation going. I want the show to be like we have so much to say but with too little time, rather than we have so much time but so little to say,” Smith said.

Smith and Luther make sure to accomplish this goal by inviting guests to the show every time they get a chance. This often helps keep the conversations alive as well as adding another perspective to the discussions.

In addition to picking topics and scheduling guests for the show, the two have built a chemistry that exists on and off the show. Luther is thrilled to work with Smith.

“My favorite part is working with Demitri,” Luther said.

The two met at a get together while hanging with friends. A few conversations later, they agreed it would be a good idea to start the show together.

“I said yes to Smith’s offer because I’m a Communication major, and radio really interests me,” Luther said.

Although this is still the beginning, Smith is thrilled to have come across an opportunity like this so early in his college career.

“It’s an accomplishment. I like when people compliment me on the show or even give me ideas for future shows,” Smith said.

To this day both Smith’s and Luther’s favorite show is the one about relationships. They invited a male and female to join them on the show and talk about what they thought men and women do wrong while in relationships.

Luther mentions how alive it was and how he felt that 30 minutes was just not enough time.

However, Smith understands that this is just the beginning and he says this is just “the door opener.” He plans to use his Communication degree, with an emphasis in media studies, to one day be a television host.

The show “Time Out,” a show about campus life, is on the air every Tuesday evening from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.


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