Votestock: Tune In, Turn Out, and Vote Now

Votestock, a midday music fes­tival sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) and Centertainment Productions (CP), will be held this Saturday, Nov. 3 to promote voter awareness among stu­dents for the upcoming election.

Votestock will be held in The Encore of the Dreyfus University Center at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point from 12- 4 p.m. and will feature the musical groups Guarantees, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, The People Brothers Band, and The Mustache. David Boardman, an SGA representative, explained the final push to encourage students to get out to vote.

“The last convention we were at, the United Council made the deci­sion that there was going to be a statewide day of action,” Boardman said. “Votestock is a combined effort of multiple University of Wisconsin schools in the system where students will see concerts on campuses around the state.”

The idea behind the day of action is to get students excited to cast their vote in Tuesday’s presidential elec­tion. Six UW campuses will be bring­ing in bands to promote this aware­ness in students.

Votestock, as explained by Boardman, is one event for the larger campaign that SGA and the Student Vote Coalition (SVC) have been work­ing on since the beginning of the fall 2012 semester. Both organizations have collaborated in efforts of voter registration, held screenings of every debate and candidate forums and have invited every candidate on the ballot to every event they have put on.

“This is really our final push to engage a wide audience and the stu­dent body and encourage them and the community to cast their vote,” Boardman said.

UWSP SGA President Seth Hoffmeister, UW – Marathon County President Ian Reese, and President of the United Council of UW-Students Geoff Murray will all be present at Saturday’s Votestock event. Each will be on stage helping to introduce the musical acts as well as promote voter awareness.

SGA also reminds students that if they are already registered, they may show up to the polls on Election Day at any time to cast their vote. Registration is still possible the day of the election, as long as voters bring a valid Wisconsin identification card with them. If they do not have a valid ID, they will be asked for the last four digits of their social security number and proof of residency.

Opportunities to volunteer on Election Day will also be available and SGA will be able to assist any students who are seeking additional information on volunteering while attending Votestock.

“Our mission is to provide the opportunity to vote and to be educat­ed when we are doing so,” Boardman said. “Going to Votestock is a good way for students to educate and inform themselves.”

While representatives of SGA and the SVC cannot advocate whom stu­dents should support in the upcom­ing election, they have made it clear that it is important for students and young voters to be aware of who is running for which positions. They encourage students to take advantage of their right to vote on Nov. 6.


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