90FM Album Review: Night Moves – “Colored Emotions”


90ALBUMREVIEWWhat do you get when you mix country, electronic, and indie? For most, the immediate response would be ‘nothing worth listening to’; and up until recently I would have shared a similar sentiment. However, I have recently been shown the light—and let me tell you my friends, this bizarre fusion of genres isn’t only possible– it’s awesome. At least if your Night Moves, a Minnesota based band who recently released their debut album entitled “Colored Emotions” under Domino Records. Though the band itself is still in its infancy, Night Moves, who is made up of artists from other renowned indie acts like Mouthful of Bees and Food Pyramid, is already gaining critical acclaim for their particularly original and concise sound.

“Colored Emotions” is a psychedelic roller-coaster; a spacey alien landscape where country twangs, electronic production, and wispy, MGMT-sounding vocals mesh effortlessly with one and other. One will inevitably find themselves humming along with the infectiously catchy ooh’s and ah’s of “Only a Child”, or perhaps find solace in its counterpart “Horses”, which proves fast-paced and unpredictable. “Country Queen” is a haunting ballad made to be listened to at high volumes. In addition, the album’s nostalgic sounding title track is also note-worthy, as its unmistakable hippie-era vibe will undoubtedly become the anthem to late walks home and hot summer days for years to come.

Most striking of all however is “Colored Emotions” versatility. Throughout the album, songs are presented in perfect balance, creating trippy melodies that you don’t need pounds of drugs to enjoy; in short, this is one album that will fit comfortably into almost anyone disc changer.


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