Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Along with frigid temperatures and the excitement of the holiday season comes winter fashion.

Therese Tabbert, a senior major­ing in communication, says that her favorite article of clothing to wear in the winter is her denim button-up long-sleeve shirt.

“It looks great when you layer it with other clothing items, especially sweaters,” Tabbert said.

The layered look is quite popu­lar this season, along with scarves, which are a must-have winter acces­sory. With such a variety of styles and colors available, everyone is bound to find one that meets their needs.

“Scarves are a great accessory. I like how girls are wearing them as shawls with dresses now. A lot of people would be surprised about how many ways a person can tie a scarf,” Tabbert said.

Tabbert, who has done some modeling, even recorded a couple videos for Wrapsody Scarves, which show you how to tie them in different ways.

Taneal Kurszewski, a senior majoring in communication disor­ders, agrees.

“My favorite thing to wear in the winter time is scarves. I love them,” Kurszewski said.

Kirsten Kreger, a senior double-majoring in political science and his­tory, loves to wear chunky scarves with oversized sweaters.

“My favorite article of cloth­ing would have to be my oversized sweaters! They are so comfy and cute with leggings, scarves and boots,” Kreger said.

Leggings are a very popular item this winter. Paired with a cute sweater dress or an oversized top and a pair of boots, it’s an easy fashion no-brainer.

“Leggings are comfortable and great for the college life. I love wear­ing them with baggy tops. I usually tend to dress for comfort,” Tabbert said.

Gabriella Quattrocchi, a senior majoring in healthcare administra­tion, loves wearing leggings.

“Leggings are great because I feel like you can create so many different looks. You can dress them up with a cute sweater dress or top, or you can just wear them with a big sweat­shirt for a casual look. They are also a lot more comfortable than jeans,” Quattrocchi said.

There are lots of different trends this winter season, but Tabbert says that her favorite would have to be patterned skinnies.

“If I lived in a bigger city where it wasn’t normal to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants daily, I would buy a pair of leopard print pants,” Tabbert said.

Kurszewski also enjoys skinny jeans but prefers dark denim with cute boots and a casual or trendy sweater.

“I still like seeing jeans with trendy heels as well,” Kurszewski said.

Kreger agrees with this.

“I think they are all cute together. Leg warmers in the boot are also a nice touch and a good way to keep warm and add a little something extra for your outfit,” Kreger said.


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