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As the title would lead us to believe, Lil Wayne wants us to know that he is not a human being. But with the release of “I Am Not A Human Being II”, rather than showcase his out of this word talent, Lil Wayne has proven to be as human as they come; consumed by the very vices that have brought down man since the beginning of time: money, sex, and drugs. Juxtaposing Lil’ Wayne’s 2013 release with previous work such as the “Tha Carter III”, which garnered both critical and commercial praise, is like viewing Lil’ Wayne’s career through the lens of a “Lost” character. In the alternate universe, Wayne finds himself at the top of his craft, winning the ears of both radio-friendly listeners and Hip-Hop aficionados alike. In present reality, Wayne finds himself in a drug-induced haze that turns the once-promising musician in to a shell of his former self. Sadly for Wayne and his fans, there is no magical island, and redemption at this point seems unlikely.

When Wayne isn’t summoning women for sexual gratification, he finds himself lighting blunts before tracks and screaming through the entirety of others. On “No Worries”, the screaming seems to be hallucinogen-induced, and on ‘Hello’ Wayne seems to simply be responding to the rock-n-roll heavy production. In either case, the result tends to be more head-ache inducing than anything else, and it gives the feel that “I Am Not A Human Being II” is comprised of recycled tracks from Tunechi’s 2009 “Rebirth”.

Sprinkled throughout the mess that is “I Am Not Human Being II”, are moments where listeners get a glimpse of what made Weezy great. On “R.A.F” Wayne enlists 2 Chainz for the chorus, and while it consists heavily of what ultimately amounts to audio pornography, it’s the sad height of quality for the album, complete with a shout-out to his “Trunkfit” clothing line and a G.O.O.D Music “I Don’t Like” reference. Wayne’s “Love Me” pretty much epitomizes the album, but with Future and Drake’s smooth R and B voices on the hook, and Wayne’s knack for creating smash-hit singles, the album’s third single is an undeniably pleasing listen for all the wrong reasons.

Since Lil’ Wayne’s stature in the game is so astronomically high, Tunechi’s likely got the die-hard following that will make “I Am Not A Human Being II” as commercially successful as any Hip-Hop release this year. But in Wayne’s case, numbers do lie, and with any more mailed-in performances like “I Am Not A Human Being II”, Weezy is liable to not just alienate but rather destroy the fan base that’s made him one of the biggest draws in not just rap, but music.

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