Freak Injury Strikes Pointers Baseball

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Nelson said that without the support of the players, his friends and family and Coach Bloom, it would have been a lot tougher for him. “They helped me put the whole situation in a better perspective.”

Nelson had the surgery over winter break. The procedure was performed by Dr. Robert Ablove, an orthopedic surgeon for UW-Madison.

While they may not get to pitch this season, Nelson and Seidl both stay very active with the team. “They are still very much a part of our baseball family,” Bloom said.

“I cannot play out on the field with them but still support them from the dugout and during practices, lending a hand whenever it is needed,” Seidl said.

What has also helped Nelson and Seidl through this process is the fact that sophomore Luke Watson successfully recovered from Tommy John when he played for Carthage College last season.

“I think that the best thing I can and have been doing for them is giving them some reassurance and input on how things will feel and be like,” Watson said.

Watson, now fully healed and a big part of the Pointers bullpen, had his surgery from Dr. Andrews and hasn’t experienced a dip in his production after the surgery.

“Right now, I feel like I’m right at where I was before the surgery, which is great,” Watson said.

Nelson and Seidl are confident that they can come back from this surgery better than ever.

“The rehab process is extremely long and frustrating at times, but I think I will be able to continue to push myself and be a better pitcher than I ever was,” Nelson said

“I’ve invested countless hours in the training room rehabbing over winter break and on weekends,” Seidl said.

Bloom is also confident that both pitchers will be a strong presence next year. “I’m confident that both will be able to come back and finish their careers on a positive note,” Bloom said.

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