Knutzen Hall Gets a Facelift

Erik Kersting

Knutzen Hall is the latest residence hall to be renovated and will soon be equipped with air conditioning units and elevators.

Molly Thome, a Knutzen Hall resident, helped explain the changes.

“We’re all getting new rooms and we’re getting elevators. Everything is going to be brand new like the other halls that have been renovated. The door is going to move as well,” Thome said.

Some of these changes affect students’ lives more than others, but Thome thinks that overall these changes will lead to much better living conditions.

“I think it will enhance students’ lives because it will be a nicer environment. Sometimes we have issues with the heat here, but we won’t have to worry about being too warm because we’ll have air conditioning. Just little things that will help us to be more comfortable,” Thome said. “The one thing I do feel that will help out around here the most will be the heat and air conditioning because each room can be set differently.”

Andrea Hamann, a student who moved to Baldwin—a renovated hall— thinks the change is noticeable and helpful.

“I love that this dorm has air conditioning. When I was a Pointer Pal, I had to come back earlier to help people move in. It was a nice chilly sanctuary for me to take a break because it was really warm being outside for several hours. Plus, in general I am a warm person, so it’s really nice,” Hamann said.

While the changes are welcome for the most part, Hamann notes that some of the additions like shelves hamper productivity.

“The shelf is nice, but I wish we didn’t lose space because of it,” she said.

The new renovations are scheduled to be substantially finished in August and completely finished by October. Students in the hall may notice some changes occurring on the first floor, where construction has already begun.

According to the 2011-13 Biennium Construction report, the estimated total cost for renovations made to Burroughs Hall last year and Knutzen this year is $11.7 million. The University of Wisconsin System funds these projects.

While it takes a lot of effort to put these changes into effect, the outcome will be an improvement of the residence hall and, in turn, the comfort of the residents. The new elevator will accommodate students with disabilities and the new air conditioning system will make room climates more comfortable.

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