Arts and Advocacy Event to Raise Mental Health Awareness in Community

Lee Bartnik

On April 27th the UWSP Student Health Advisory Committee, in partnership with the College of Fine Arts and Communications is hosting Arts & Advocacy, an arts event and raffle. The theme of Arts & Advocacy is mental health awareness. The event will feature local artists sharing stories through a variety of acts ranging from music and dance to theatre and live painting. All acts will be on relevant mental health topics.

The raffle will consist of art pieces donated by students and gift baskets from local businesses. Some businesses and mental health resources will also be available at booths during the intermission. The profits will go to the UWSP Counseling Center and The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) of Portage and Wood County.

One of the primary goals of Arts and Advocacy is community connection. The event will bring exposure to local artists and awareness of mental health resources available in the community and on campus. According to SHAC director Anna Haug, “It is our hope to bring the Stevens Point and campus community together to relate to issues on our minds and in our hearts. Mental health is something that everyone deals with every day. Whether it be talking to a friend about a bad exam grade, what to graduate with, or going to a counselor to talk out what is going on in your life.”

Arts and Advocacy is open to the public. You may purchase tickets in person at UWSP ticket office in the Dreyfus University Center or online Tickets cost $8 for community members and free for students with an ID. The event will be held in the Courtyard of the Noel Fine Arts Center at 7:00pm on Saturday, April 27th. Desserts and beverages will be provided.

Lee Bartnik

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