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You may be sitting in your bedroom wondering why you have your heat cranked in the middle of April, and why you chose to live in a state so, so far from the equator. Perhaps that fat, confused robin plucking around on the barren tree by your window has got you down. If this is the case, then a remedy I may suggest is giving Cayucas’ debut album Bigfoot a listen to spruce up that cold and desolate life of yours.

Bigfoot is one of those spring releases that kicks off the warm weather (should it exist). Each song is built off of its own hook that reels you in and makes you wiggle like a fish out of water. The name Cayucas comes from a small beach town in California, called Cayucos, which the first track of Bigfoot is named after. The track is almost what you’d expect it to sound like, a bouncy tune that is meant to be listened to while dancing or playing volleyball on the beach in that town by the sea. Another track I found particularly pleasant was Deep Sea; the keys and whistling hook create an aesthetic of, well, scuba diving. You’re going to find a lot happy-go-lucky and superficial lyrics in Bigfoot, but I had a good laugh when I heard a man exclaiming “Did I touch your butt?” amongst a crowd in a sound bite at the end of the track High School Lover. The lead singer sounds somewhat like Beck, and I get the vibe of the single Girl from Beck’s 2005 release Guero. The band also sounds a lot like a dreamier Vampire Weekend with some surf rock influence.

Bigfoot is a fine debut album, but probably not an album that you would look to for depth and innovation. The first listen had me reminiscing about some bands right away. Between Major Lazer’s new album and Bigfoot, it can be said that the record label Secretly Canadian is diving a bit into the pop realm.

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