How to be Classy and Sexy at the Same Time

Emmitt James

Yes, there is a correct way to be classy and sexy at the same time— sexy in a sense of how much is revealed on top and bottom. It’s a balance.

Since its debut into the fashion scene, the little black dress has been a perfect example of how to reveal a lot but not too much at the same time.

The traditional little black dress, credited to designer Coco Channel, stops at mid- thigh and is long-sleeved with little-to-no cleavage. With this type of dress you can show off the legs more than you might on a regular day, but it is more acceptable because you are completely covered up top.

Ladies, showing a little leg or cleavage is not always a problem. However, you should only pick one at a time. If you are going to show a little cleavage, let your legs be a secret and vice versa.

Night out with the girls? Showing some cleavage might be a bit more fitting, but too much leg action will make it distasteful.

Upscale event? A long dress with a high split and little-to-no cleavage would be perfect.

This balance of style is like adding seasoning while cooking. If you add a pinch of the right seasoning, you will get a flavorful dish. If you add too much seasoning, the flavor will overpower the other ingredients and will leave the dish less enjoyable.

When in doubt, choose classy over sexy. Too much class with a hint of sexy tends to be more accepted than a bunch of sexy and a pinch of class.

However, since beautiful comes in many different shapes and sizes, all of this is subjective and there are exceptions to this rule.

The next time you are making wardrobe decisions, I challenge you to keep this in mind. It’s not just fashion advice, it’s a guide on how to be classy and sexy at the same time.

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