90FM Album Review: Volcano Choir-Repave

90FM Album Review: Volcano Choir-Repave

Driving north from Milwaukee in the early evening when the sun had barely been set left my eyes romantically taking in the northern view that comprised of a deep hue of blues and sobering grays. The view set my mind at ease and left breath a bit shallow. The setting coupled well with Volcano Choir’s latest single “Byegone.” Being familiar with Volcano Choir’s first album my initial reaction to the current song was disbelief.

Volcano Choir. "Repave". 2013 Jagjaguwar.

Volcano Choir. “Repave”. 2013 Jagjaguwar.

Volcano Choir’s first album “Unmaped” was incredibly experimental. The inaugural album was choppy, lyrically indecipherable at times, and harshly boring.  “Byegone” the single for the band’s latest release entitled “Repave,” was indefinitely beautiful. “Byegone” specifically was structured and power driven.

 The next highlight comes from the track “Alaskans” which seems to speak of change. Change is the perfect word for Volcano Choir. Compared to their first album the band has the more structured sound of an ever-growing band.

Upon the beginning of my last semester here at UWSP, I stepped back into my beloved 90FM radio station and immediately checked out the entirety of “Repave.” Needless to say upon the first review I shuffled my little legs on over to Radio Kaos Records and picked myself up a vinyl copy.



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