Calling All Muggles, the Quidditch Club is in Action

There is a new club on campus called the UWSP Quidditch Club and it is looking to play the Muggle version of Quidditch, get some exercise and just have fun.

If you are not familiar with the game, Quidditch is a competitive sport in the Harry Potter universe and is a rough, semi-contact sport, played on broom sticks.

Jeanette Colombe, the president of the new club, has been gathering interest for the past couple of weeks over Facebook and campus announcements.

“I think the idea for the club came when I was procrastinating on homework and I found out that people actually do play this for real. I thought it’d be so much fun, but we don’t have anything like that, so I decided to start it,” Colombe said.

The short term goal that Colombe has for the club is to just have fun, split into teams, practice, and scrimmage each other.

“When you get into the more professional teams, they actually compete all over the state and country, and I think that would be a cool long- term goal for us, to end up having a traveling team,” Colombe said.

The game will be played using the same rules as stated in the Harry Potter books.

“But obviously you’re not flying for real,” Colombe said. “Even if you haven’t read Harry Potter, it’s still a pretty challenging sport. It’s pretty physical, I mean tackling and everything is legal and there is a lot of running, so I think even if you’re just a sporty person you would like it.”

The club is currently in the process of hiring a secretary and a treasurer and finding a faculty advisor.

“We have to make sure to find somebody, for treasurer especially, that we can trust with money things,”

said Samantha Mocadlo, the club’s vice president.

Colombe and Mocadlo have loved the Harry Potter series since it first made its debut.

“That’s how we became friends, back when we were 9 years old, always carrying a book or two at all times,” Mocadlo said. “We actually would sometimes pretend to play Quidditch at recess.”

Colombe said that they also played their own versions of Quidditch on their bicycles.

“I’ve never played the version that we’re thinking about before, like never on a team, so it’ll be totally new for me,” Colombe said. “We’ve always just loved Harry Potter, so any way to get more involved with it is fun.”

Lisa Deakins, a UWSP senior, thinks the club sounds like a great idea.

“It’s something that’s completely different from the other clubs on campus. It’s a mix of athletic and fantastical, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes,” Deakins said. “A lot of people love Harry Potter and Quidditch, so it should be exciting to see the turn out.”

Colombe believes that there will be a pretty good gathering at their first meeting.

“We’ve gotten about 140 likes on Facebook, and another 10 or 12 today,” Colombe said. “Even if a fraction of the size shows up, we’d have a pretty good group. I think a lot of people are curious at this point to see what’s going on.”

Mocadlo agrees, saying that the first meeting will be about finding out what the people who are interested want to get out of the club.

“I think it could become a popular sport if we get enough people interested and keep it going with incoming freshman,” Mocadlo said.​

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