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Emily Margeson

Jan Roberts, Staff Attorney for Student Legal Services, has been offering her services to students since 1996. She has been working in law for many years and can teach students their rights and offer legal advice for a small fee.

Roberts has been living in Stevens Point since 1991 and has her own private practice in town.

“I handle a variety of things. Two thirds of what I do is act as a guardian ad litem for children in custody cases,” Roberts said. “I also do mediation, draft wills, civil, legaland criminal work.”

Her want to help students started before she became a lawyer.“I was originally a certified teacher before I went to law school,” Roberts said.

“I also was an assistant clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin- Madison Law School.”

She has worked with people that may not always be able to afford the costs of a lawyer.“I spent my entire legal career helping people who are not wealthy,” Roberts said. “Most students that goto school here live on a budget and can’t afford to fork out a couple hundred dollars to talk to a lawyer.”

Roberts said she feels like an underutilized source, mentioning that she is rarely able to fill her available time slots.

“I can offer advice for a variety of legal problems but most of the ones that come to me are landlord issues,” Roberts said. “Many students don’t understand what their rights are.” Her only restriction is that she cannot defend against the university.

The services provided by Roberts are available because the Student Government Association started this alliance. Students can set up an appointment with Roberts online. A small fee of $5 is needed for the appointment and helps ensure the student takes it seriously.

If an appointment time does not work for you feel free to email her at

“I am willing to see anyone that wants to meet with me,” Roberts said. 


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