Academic Strategic Plan Takes Shape

Emily Margeson

When Bernie Patterson accepted his role as Chancellor in the 2010-2011 school year he had a new vision for the university. One of those visions included an academic strategic plan to be implemented and used as a living document.

That plan was implemented during that school year and is now undergoing change. The strategic plan is meant to be an article that can have modifications made to it over time.

These modifications should be made frequently and assessed often.

“A review process occurs every year and that helps us have a conversation as a university about what’s most important,” said Kym Buchanan, an Associate Professor of Education.

It is important to have a clear plan when deciding what to do with the limited resources the university receives after the state of Wisconsin has completed the budget cuts.

“We need to be sure that we are investing those resources where we most want them,” said Greg Sommers, Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, “It’s important that the university has a very clear statement as to what their priorities are, where the campus wants to go and how we want to best serve students.”

To use the resources effectively that the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point gets can be modified by reworking what is funded.

“The reality is that we don’t have the money to fund everything,” Sommers said. “It’s very clear that we are putting our money where our priorities are which is a process that is bound to feel a little uncomfortable.”

“We are trying to make this as open of a process as we can, we want our priorities to be defined by the campus community,” Sommers said. “This is so that everyone involved at UWSP is clear on where the money is going and the changes that are being made.”

Changes to the General Education Program, as outlined in the plan, have already taken effect. This has changed the requirements for education to better serve UWSP students.

Besides the general education program, many people may not have noticed any changes the strategic plan has implemented. “I think we’re about at that point where we are going to have a very clear statement about those priorities and we’re going to be living those priorities,” Sommers said.

“I hope this effects everyone at the institution,” Sommers said, “We hope this makes things better for our faculty and staff and our students.”

Once everyone is aware of this plan and knows the priorities of UWSP, it can help people know the priorities and how this university wants to serve students.

This awareness can also help the university raise more money from private funding. The act of getting funding from outside of the state can help UWSP not rely on tax payer dollars which is decreasing. 


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