Pass It On Consignments Relocates

Rachel Pukall

If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe at a reasonable price and make a little extra cash along the way, doing business with a consignment shop could be a smart move.

Pass It On Consignments, a newly relocated consignment shop, opened the doors of its new downtown location across from the Portage County Library this past August.

The consignment store was originally located on Post Road for two and a half years, but had to relocate and move downtown by December of this year because of the Post Road reconstruction and expansion project.

Kelly Kizewski, the owner of Pass It On Consignments, is happy with the store’s new location.

“The atmosphere, the street frontage, the energy from being downtown and people always being around…it’s just a lot more energetic,” Kizewski said.

The new location also has a different floor concept, structured with four floors instead of one open floor plan, like they had in Plover.

“It was convenient because now we can separate our departments and we can really organize better. So that’s a big improvement from our Plover location,” Kizewski said.

Danielle Arndt, a senior majoring in health care administration, likes the new location of the store and after browsing the store was able to find a couple of things for her apartment.

“It’s a really nice store with lots of cute things,” Arndt said.

When Pass It On Consignments first opened two and a half years ago, the merchandise was pretty scarce.

“We just had family and friends bringing stuff in so we’d have stuff in the store,” Kizewski said. “I would say it took maybe a good month before it actually looked like a full store.”

Kizewski enjoys her job and has learned a lot from opening her own business.

“I just wanted to open up a little store, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. It was a big learning process,” Kizewski said. “In my previous jobs I enjoyed working with the people and here that’s all we do is talk with people. We love, me and everyone who works here, arranging and rearranging and decorating because we’re always getting new stuff in, so that part is fun too.”

One of the many unique qualities of consignment stores is that you never know what you are going to find.

Ashley Geier, a student majoring in Health and Wellness management, loves consignment stores and all the interesting items you can find.

“My friend actually found her stolen fleece jacket at a consignment shop not too long ago,” Geier said.

“She was able to find out who took it because everything that is brought in is cataloged.”

Pass It On has a variety of clothes for women, juniors and men. They also sell decor, house wares, books and much more.

“We do not take children’s clothes. Although lots of people have been asking about children’s clothes, so that’s something I might think about doing,” Kizewski said.

Pass It On is always accepting jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, house ware, decor, jewelry, collectables, tools, books, shoes, linens, small appliances and accessories. They also accept furniture and a few other larger items, but they require you to call ahead of time.

Intake is accepted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 10 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.? 

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