Students Condone Concealed Carry

Rachel Pukall

Students for Concealed Carry will be offering a concealed carry class through the Wisconsin Concealed Carry, LLC this semester.

Students for Concealed Carry is a non-politically affiliated organization dedicated to restoring Second Amendment rights to lawful students on campus. They believe in legal concealed carry on campus for self- defense purposes.

Brock Majkowski, President of the group, says that their main goal is to come together and educate students, faculty and staff on campus about the new concealed carry law.

“We also want to educate how to properly go about applying for a permit for carrying in Wisconsin. We are an informative group and we want to try to push for a policy change on campus in the long run,” Majkowski said.

The organization will be offering the class at a discounted rate compared to what businesses charge for similar classes.

“I think that the concealed carry class is a great idea because there aren’t many offered in the Stevens Point area and it is a good way for students to learn the fundamentals of concealed carry,” said Nick Burns, the vice president of the group.

The class is set up like every other concealed carry class and will last about half a day.

“It’s kind of going to be like a university class, where they talk to you and let you know what the rules, regulations and laws are and then there’s going to be a question part and then a hands on portion with unloaded firearms to familiarize students with loading and unloading in a safe manner,” Majkowski said.

The concealed carry class allows for 25 to 30 people so that they can keep it personable. If they don’t get enough students and faculty to sign up for the class, they are going to be offering it to the public as well.

Majkowski became interested in concealed carry right before he turned 21.

“I really wanted to get involved knowing that once I turned 21, with the new law in Wisconsin, I’d be able to carry and exercise my right to carry in Wisconsin,” Majkowski said. “I wanted to do something bigger than just myself and help others who may be unfamiliar or a little scared to carry or ask questions.”

Burns felt the same way.

“I wanted to be in a leadership role within Students for Concealed Carry because I want to educate people about their constitutional rights,” Burns said.

Mjkowski and Burns hope to expand the group in the future, get more people to join, and spread the word to let people know that they have a right to defend themselves.

“Technically inside campus buildings it’s a gun free zone. We have a small campus police department and, God forbid anything happened, I would hope that we’d be able to defend ourselves,” Majkowski said. “I’m hoping in the future we can get the no guns allowed signs taken down. We’ll go about that with the school process of getting it okayed through student government and all the other student associations throughout campus.”

Students that are interested in the concealed carry class can go on the Students for Concealed Carry Facebook page and send a message to get placed on the list.

The date of the class is still being decided, but will take place on a weekend in Oct. or Nov. this semester.

“I believe that any students that are licensed to carry a concealed weapon should not have their right to self-defense taken away from them within campus buildings,” Burns said 

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