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“We speak in fabric, color, line, shape and form. We speak in the language of fashion, just as it speaks for us in our daily life.” These are the words spoken on Katherine Knight’s blog, Fashion Speech.

Katherine Knight, a communication student, started her blog last fall as a hobby.

“I really like to write and it’s sort of a way to get me writing outside of class and just to practice,” Knight said. “And fashion is something I’ve always been interested in.”

Knight writes about a broad variety of subjects within fashion.

“I don’t just want it to be about critiquing clothing or anything like that. I try to tie in how fashion fits into other things that are going on,” Knight said. “The most recent post I did was about tobacco and cigarette ads coming back into fashion magazines, and then I related that to the tobacco discussion and everything that’s going on on campus.”

Knight has recently been tying her blog posts into campus life.

“I’m in the 320 multimedia class, so a lot of the things that I’ve been writing right now are kind of focusing on UWSP in that way, but previous to that it wasn’t really focused on UWSP, it was just for fun,” Knight said.

Fashion blogger Katherine Knight posed pretty and flaunted her style for her photo shoot. Photo by Donna Miller.

Fashion blogger Katherine Knight posed pretty and flaunted her style for her photo shoot. Photo by Donna Miller.

Knight really enjoys the multimedia class because it’s forcing her to get out and talk to people. “When I first started writing the blog, it was just myself and what I thought about things. I really like talking to other students about a subject that I’m really interested in and seeing what they have to say,” Knight said. “It’s just really cool. I interviewed the professor over in the NFAC that does costume and makeup design, and I didn’t even know that existed here before. So I really like that part about it.”

Fashion is a subject that Knight has always been drawn to.

“I can’t remember not being interested in it. I’ve always loved shopping since I was young,” Knight said.

During her freshman year, she took a class where she was able to sew clothing and found that it was something she enjoyed.

“I do like doing that, but to be honest I really haven’t had a lot of time for that, especially with being in college and school,” Knight said. “When I was in high school though, I liked to make clothes and sew headbands at home and stuff like that, but I don’t really see a designer in my future.”

When Knight graduates, she hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism and public relations.

“My dream job would be to work at a fashion publication or something like that, but there are so many things you can do with it,” Knight said.

“I am a political science minor as well and I’m also really interested in governmental relations and public relations.”

When it comes to her own fashion, Knight usually likes to dress casual and is really into skinny jeans, V-necks and cardigans.

“My sister is a freshman here and has a massive collection of scarves. If I wasn’t related to her I would totally do a profile article about her just because she’s hugely into scarves,” Knight said. “I think people individually, especially if you are kind of a shopper, have their one thing they have a bunch of.”

Knight believes that we speak the language of fashion on a daily basis, that we all have a style in which we express ourselves and that first impressions are made within 30 seconds.

“Even if people think that what they’re wearing doesn’t say​something about them, I think that it does, regardless of whether you consciously decide in the morning about that or not,” Knight said. “I think it’s such an interesting topic and it can be related to so many different things.”

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