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Anime is a Japanese animation style that is very popular around the world that reaches many difference audiences and age groups, including college students.

The Kento Anime Society, a little- known club on campus, gathers every Tuesday and Friday to watch anime and share news about the anime scene.

The society was founded in 2006 and has been a place for anime lovers to assemble ever since. During their meetings, they watch new anime as voted on by the members.

The officers and recruits gather at the beginning of the year and vote on what to watch. Members bring in their favorite shows and movies for consideration.

“We only use legal streaming sites, but sometimes we don’t have to because people bring in their DVD’s,” said Kimberly Lizan, the president of the Kento Anime Society.

Lizan has been a fan of anime since the age of 14. “I like it because it’s a lot different than American series,” Lizan said.

The average number of episodes for an anime series is 26, which is what the society tends to stick to. Any longer and they won’t be able to finish the series before the semester is over.

Currently, the society is watching Attack on Titan, Xamd, and Madoka. For most members, the society is more than a club; it’s a place where friends and peers can meet others who share their love of anime.

“It’s a great place to just hang out. All we are is just a big group of friends watching anime,” said Vice President Austin Lund.

The society also hosts several events throughout the year, including their upcoming Halloween dance. People are encouraged to wear costumes and participate in the costume contest.

“We host a lot of fun events,” said Society Treasurer Zachary Valenta. “Be on the lookout for information regarding our dances and raves.”

Other events include a Valentine’s dance and a movie screening which happens in the spring. The members also participate in Daishocon, the anime convention hosted by our own UWSP students, held at the Kalahari Resort in November.

The group encourages participation from anyone on campus. “Anyone can just show up and watch with us,” Lizan said. “The only requirement is that you enjoy anime and have an open mind.”​

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