Cornerstone’s New Release “The Great Cat Nap”

Every year Cornerstone Press publishes a new book that students from English 349: Editing and Publishing put together. This year’s release is “The Great Cat Nap” by Abigail Bostwick.

“The Great Cat Nap” is a mystery fiction novel about Ace the cat who is trying to find a kidnapped show cat,” said Gail Folkins, professor of the class.

A unique spin the story has is that felines and humans live side by side, but the cats have lives of their own.

For example, Ace has an owner, Max, just like a regular cat. Max is a journalist who always wonders where Ace wanders off to at night. It turns out Ace is a journalist as well as a part-time detective trying to find a kidnapped show cat.

Though “The Great Cat Nap” is still being prepared by the English 349 class, one might wonder how the class chooses a book to publish.

“The class is divided into four teams: the editing, production, marketing, and sales team,” said Cornerstone’s managing director Karissa Gates.

The class had 20 manuscripts to choose from. Everyone reads one chapter from each manuscript and votes on which they want to publish.

According to Gates and Folkins, all of the teams are working very well together and deadlines are being met.

“Sometimes the students push me to do my best and I enjoy seeing that,” Folkins said.

The teams had to sift through multiple manuscripts and unanimously agree upon the title they thought would be the most successful.

“‘The Great Cat Nap’ really stood out to us. We were looking at the writing, potential market, and who we would sell it to,” Gates said.

Rebecca Sutherland, a student in the class, said the book seems to be marketable and could cater to a diverse audience.

“‘The Great Cat Nap’ has a wide market. It is geared more toward middle school and high school students because of the writing style and the plot, but the mystery appeals to older people and it is a fun, quick read,” said Rebecca Sutherland, a student of the class.

“It had a wide appeal which is what drew us to it. It has humor and puns scattered throughout it,” Folkins said.

The Cornerstone staff is greatly anticipating “The Great Cat Nap’s” release in December. The marketing team in the class is working on ways to get news of the book out on the market.

A release party will be held on Dec. 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the DUC Alumni Room. The book will be for sale and the author will be there to do a reading from the book.​

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