Green Fund Elects Steering Committee Members

Emily Margeson

During the Green Fund meeting on Tuesday, a Steering Committee of five students from different organizations were elected to help approve or disapprove future sustainability projects.

The five students elected were Melissa Haack, Elizabeth Vind, Sam Martinez, Cody Kamrowski and Taylor Christiansen.

All of the students spoke about how important sustainability efforts are to them and how they could help better the Green Fund.

Many of the students are already involved in other sustainability groups on campus and know a large contact network of people for the future. With this large network, the Green Fund should be able to put forth their efforts.

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Green Fund was given approval by the student referendum in the spring semester of 2013. It won with 70 to 30 percent vote.

The money that supports the fund comes from students that are currently enrolled at the university. Each student pays around $12 a year, adding up to $115,000 total.

Students should be concerned as to where their money is going and how they can help make their opinions heard.

The Green Fund allows students to take action on implementing large sustainability projects that can boost the reputation of UWSP as a whole.

Anyone in the UWSP community is able to make proposals for new sustainability projects.

Each project must be very detailed in term of budget and a timeline. All proposals can be emailed to Will Davis, the environmental and sustainable issues director for SGA, and will be reviewed by the Steering Committee.

Along with proposals, members of the UWSP community can help simply by going to Green Council meetings. 

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