Zombies Infiltrate Campus

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Zombies were seen attacking joggers on campus last Sunday. There is no need to panic, however, because The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was hosting its second annual Zombie Run.

The Zombie Run is a 5k obstacle course featuring everyone’s favorite flesh eating friends. This event is sponsored by the Residence Hall Association and the Student Government Association in order to raise alcohol awareness.

During the event, the runners learned about alcohol awareness while enjoying a challenging obstacle course and the thrills of being eaten alive by zombies.

The coordinators of the event were RHA member Lauren Nachtigall and Anna Haug, the university health service student director.

The Zombie Run started last year as a Halloween activity for students, but Haug wanted to do something fun as well as add an educational aspect to it for alcohol education.

Because Halloween in the second biggest drinking holiday on campus, this program is important in raising awareness of the over-consumption of alcohol.

The program helps educate students on the difference between a friend who is passed out or is unresponsive and in need emergency assistance.

She also stated the importance of the good samaritan policy which states that if you are an underage drinker and your friend is passed out and unresponsive, you can call 911 and will not be ticketed.

“That is the endpoint that we are trying to reach,” Haug said. “Educating them that if you are in a situation where you really need to call 911 that it is okay and you need to do that.”

Nachtigall said she hopes that the zombie run program continues to be a regular event each year from now on.

“Not many people associate alcohol awareness programs and 5k’s together,” Nachtigall said.

Nachtigall explained how the idea of alcohol awareness is tied into the run.

“When a runner’s flag is pulled by a zombie, they have to go to one of the doctors on the course for an ‘antidote’ and learn about the facts of alcohol awareness,” Nachtigall said.

Donny Yang and Quiten Anderson, runners at the event, thought the event was great way of getting exercise.

“I think it is for a good cause,” Yang said. “It’s a good work out and it is a good way to bond with people too.”

“The zombie run was a blast,” Anderson said. “I love zombies and I love running, so it was a perfect combination.”

Kaelyn Ahola and Kayla Willis who participated as zombies really enjoyed the event and thought it was great option for something to do over the weekend.

“It is really fun because it is something to do on Halloween weekend instead of going out,” Ahola said. “It was free and it was really fun to dress up as zombies and attack people.”

“It was a lot of fun running around and scaring the crap out of people,” Willis said. “It was Halloween weekend and it kept people from going out and drinking because it was for alcohol awareness. So it kind of kept people out of trouble and it was an awesome thing to do and promote.”? 

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