Communication Professor Releases Debut EP

Recently, Associate Professor of communication Chris Shofner released a four song EP.

“The album is all instrumental and it’s primarily a guitar album, though it does have different instruments throughout. I wanted to create an album that used together all the different genres I’d grown up with, so I guess you could call it a fusion album—sort of a funky- blue meets country kind of things,” Shofner said.

Shofner recorded the entire EP himself, titling his songs based off the vision he had for his music, like the groovy closer “Mr. Fancy Pants (Extra Crispy),” or according to the different periods and experiences in his life, like “Ginger Beard’s Revenge,” acting as homage to his time at East Central University in Oklahoma.

The album cover for Chris Shofner's new EP.

The album cover for Chris Shofner’s new EP.

According to Shofner, his father was a contributing factor to his interest in music from a very early age.

“I grew up in a very musical family,” Shofner said. “My father is also a musician; he’s a guitar player and he plays primarily country music. He played a lot of music when I was little, so it was sort of always around.”

Despite this constant exposure to music, Shofner’s passion for songwriting didn’t fully develop until he was a teenager.

“I learned to play a little bit of guitar here and there at a fairly early ​age, but it wasn’t really the thing I was into. Then for my thirteenth birthday I got a drum set, and that was pretty much the beginning of the insanity,” Shofner said.

Shofner was reintroduced to the guitar several years later and immediately fell in love.

“When I was 15 I decided to pick the guitar back up and then that was my thing. I discovered Rock n’ Roll and Blues and then got to college and got introduced to Jazz, and now it’s all sort of coming together,” Shofner said.

Through high school and college, Shofner would hone his trade until he eventually felt ready to record an album.

“High school is when I basically started recording music and then once I got to college I got some more recording equipment and started getting into it more and more until finally, now many years later, I decided it was time do something a little more official, and that’s what we have here with this album,” Shofner said.

However, even after achieving this goal Shofner is adamant that he is content simply making music and at the moment does not plan to pursue a serious musical career.

“There was a time in my life where I wanted to pursue a career as musician, but that’s not really my goal anymore,” Shofner said. “Ever since I picked up the guitar, I love it, and there’s not too many things more enjoyable in my life than sitting down and playing music.”​

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