O’so Offers Variety in Craft Beer

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O’so Brewing Company is a craft brewery in Plover, Wisconsin. O’so is a personal favorite destination of mine in the extended Stevens Point area. The brewery is going to celebrate their 6th anniversary on Nov. 9, so I tried a few of the year- round beers to give a jumping-off point to anyone that might be looking for an introduction to local craft beer.

There are four criteria that beer is traditionally judged on: appearance, scent, taste and mouthfeel.

Rusty Red is a red ale with a red- brown, rosewood color. I didn’t get very much from the scent other than a slightly yeasty aroma. Of all of the beers I tried from O’so, Rusty Red had the least interesting scent, taste and mouthfeel. The beer is malty and screams “balanced,” but it’s kind of boring and the beer lingered with me a little longer than I would have liked. Admittedly, I would almost never choose red ale if presented with another style, but I still found it underwhelming.

The Big O is a wheat ale brewed with a touch of orange. The Big O lit up my room when I poured it and the light caught the glass at the perfect angle. It’s appropriate that The Big O is such a bright beer because everything about it hints at warmer days that seem long past during this time of year. The Big O smells summer-y and tangy and tastes the same. The Big O is the lightest, most drinkable beer in O’so’s year-round lineup, leaving the drinker with a crisp and clean finish.

Hopdinger is a pale ale that pours a deep gold color with a thick, foamy head. Of every pale ale I’ve had, Hopdinger is the one that I would recommend to a friend that doesn’t like the bitterness typical of many well-known pale ales that come from the West Coast. Hopdinger is floral and piney with a very subtle bitterness accompanying a resinous, creamy mouthfeel. It will leave something to be desired for those who enjoy hoppy beer, but is an approachable entry into pale ales.

Night Train is an oatmeal porter that is far and away my favorite of O’so’s year-round brews. It is dark, dark, dark and smells like the mixture of a coffee shop. Those smells come through in the taste, as the boldness and roasted flavors of coffee come to the forefront and the chocolaty taste follows closely. The beer is thick and chewy—in a good way, I promise— and absolutely perfect for this time of year. Of every porter I’ve ever tried, Night Train is the one I come back to time and time again.

O’so Brewing Company has a diverse lineup of beers that are available all year long. You’d be remiss to overlook these beers. 

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