Students Embrace Seasonal Facial Festivities

Kyle Florence

Each year the temperatures dip, the seasons shift, and the harsh November winds begin to blow.

At this time of year, students across campus take part in the annual event aptly titled No-Shave November.

“I enjoy No-Shave November because I no longer have to try to tame my thick and massive beard,” said Bryan Driebel, a regular participant in the annual event. “I can let it grow and be free, the way it was meant to be.”

Chris Fahley agreed with Driebel, making note of his beard’s many benefits.

“I enjoy my facial hair because it keeps me warm during the winter. I chose to embrace it because it would be foolish to try and always keep a clean face,” Fahley said. “Plus, people with clean shaven face are often evil, like Chucky, The Joker and Emperor Palpatine.”

Fahley also explained that not having to shave is yet another added bonus that the naked faced must do without.

“I enjoy not having to take time to shave. For myself, I know it will take 45 minutes if I have to go to a completely clean face after three weeks of growth, even 30 if I’m just trimming it up,” Fahley said.

Despite these benefits, there are critics to the rugged look. Logan Feldt said that he takes beard criticism with a grain of salt.

“I have been ridiculed once for my beard, and I am no longer friends with said person. People that talk down on my beard are not worthy to be in my life,” Feldt said.

Like Feldt, Driebel also said he has little time for haters, though he has dealt with few since he started growing facial hair.

“I started growing facial hair inseventh grade and back then I wanted nothing to do with it, but now people love my beard and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have only known one person who did not like it; it was a girlfriend back in the day, and needless to say it didn’t last long,” Driebel said.

Fahley also identified with his facial hair at an early age and cited several bearded idols that inspired him in his shaved youth.

“Growing up, my big bearded idols were sheriffs in old western movies as well as Paul Bunyan. To me, it seemed that beards have often been associated with people of great power and strength, like Zeus, Jesusand Santa Claus,” Fahley said.

Feldt explained that his beard was also motivated by a number of recognizable figures.

“My bearded idols are a no brainer: my Pops, Chuck Norris, Freddie Mercury and Ron Swanson. The best facial hair has to be ZZ Top—they are old and distinguished beards, the best kind,” Feldt said.

Chuck Norris also topped Fahley’s list of inspirational beards.

“I feel that the best beard of all time award has to go to Chuck Norris,” Fahley said. “I’ve never seen Chuck with a clean-shaven face, it must be what gives him his amazing powers.”

Though Driebel, Feldt and Fahley all agree that No-Shave November is a joyous celebration of masculinity, all three were adamant that the growing of a warm, winter pelt should be reserved only for those who can do so adequately.

“Do not grow a pencil thin mustache or a peach fuzz wannabe beard. You need to be able to actually grow real hair. People these days don’t seem to know that and they grow whatever they can and it ends up looking sick and creepy. Don’t be that creep,” Driebel said.

Again, Fahley agreed.

“I feel that only those who can grow in a full beard should. It is sadand painful to watch someone grow out an area on their right cheek and upper lip and chin, but have a barren wasteland on the rest of their face,” Fahley said.

Feldt described the look as trashy, not classy.

Still, Fahley encouraged all who could grow a beard to take part in this month’s festivities.

“Facial hair should no longer be frowned upon. It is a sign of being a man of power, of wisdom and of knowledge. No Shave November is the perfect time of the year for us men to enjoy that which makes us,” Fahley said. 

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